Patient Scrubs(TM) — a new level of function and dignity.

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At last, an alternative to the hospital gown;
Patient Scrubs(TM), a new and innovative patent-pending convenience garment. This comfortable 2-piece set allows the wearer to have a sense of dignity in a variety of medical or rehabilitative settings. The front of the garment completely detaches from the back giving easy access to the body, and making it possible to change the garment by rolling a patient onto his or her side.

Made of a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester, Patient Scrubs(TM)
may help curb the threat of infection when used properly. This garment
can be worn over any incontinence product. Patient Scrubs(TM) are easy to care for, reusable, available in a variety of sizes and an assortment
of colors and prints.

RLH, Jr. Inc. is dedicated to dignity and works to deliver a garment that makes life a little easier by reducing stress on patients, nurses, doctors and other health care providers.


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