Nancy Hart, CEO of RLH Jr. Inc & creator of Patient Scrubs has diligently been marketing her unique alternative to traditional hospital gowns for over 10 years. She is now ready to take her efforts to the next level thanks to Hinson & Hale Medical Technologies of Wilkesboro NC.

Patient Scrubs® are designed to alleviate most issues that the medical staff and care givers will encounter while caring for a patient. The easy accessibility with the use of their snaps will alleviate the need to cut gowns in an emergency and provide savings in cost.

Patient Scrubs designs are held together with plastic snaps in a strip of material so they are reinforced. There are snaps across each shoulder, down one side and slits down the opposite side to feed lines through.

The plastic snaps work well with X-rays and other tests unlike metal snaps. There are three pockets on each gown and scrub top with openings in each pocket to accommodate telemetry heart monitors or drains which in turn will reduce the need for a variety of patient gowns.

Patient Scrubs makes it easier for medical staff to dress or undress a patient by rolling them on their side instead of lifting them, which will reduce workers compensation claims.

RLH Jr. Inc. will work with any medical facility to design a product for their specific needs.

Hinson & Hale Medical Technologies, Inc. (HHMT Inc.) is a totally American company founded to produce advanced medical textiles for the U.S. medical industry. Our Infused ® and TransformedPolyester ® technology is a “Stand Alone” process that profoundly changes the performance profile of modern synthetic fibers and fabrics. The term “Reusable” takes on a totally new meaning when combined with our Infused® and TransformedPolyester® technology.

Our Infused® and TransformedPolyester® products look and feel more like high quality cotton products that you may be familiar with from the past. They do not feel like synthetics and achieve performance levels that are unequaled by other fabrics.

We believe we are the leading provider of “Reusable” medical textiles. Our products will undergo extensive multiple use and cleaning processes and continue to perform far beyond the accepted norms of durability. Our theme is “Do The Math”. When you replace a disposable or blended item with our Infused® and TransformedPolyester® technology, you have taken a major step toward “Going Green” in the medical field.

We are a totally AMERICAN enterprise. Our products, from fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing & finishing, cutting, sewing, packaging and shipping are performed in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We are not only “GREEN”, we are RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Post Written By Tim Flannagan

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